Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Down By The Water

I took a drive one Tuesday evening, in an attempt to lose myself, both figuratively and literally.  It had been a bad day.

My wandering led me to a winding road outside of Honey Harbour, where I parked my car and took a walk through the brush.

When I came out the other side I happened upon an old decrepit dock leading out into what may once have been small lake or pond but was now mostly half-dried up marshland.  The dock reached toward the shoreline, but the water had receded to the point where the end of the dock barely touched water, grass had grown up between the boards.

Acrylic on 12x16 canvas

This is one of the pieces that I am mulling over trying to fix up and add more detail to.  I really like how the barn and the tree-line in the background turned out, but I feel like the colour is off on the grasses and that the foreground could use more detail.  I'd like to make the dock itself look more three-dimensional.

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