Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Nickels For Your Nightmares - Redux

This is a painting I did a few years ago, inspired by "Nickels For Your Nightmares" by the Headstones, the final track on the album of the same name.  The song itself has always reminded me of a guy in a dark, smoky dive bar, sloshing whiskey from his glass as he rails on about all and sundry.  It's a kind of epic of depravity and sonic representation of what I imagine hitting bottom must have been like for Hugh Dillon before he got himself clean.

I will admit that when I first attempted this my intention was for it to be a sort of portrait, but I failed pretty fucking large, since this dark, handsome fella looks really nothing like Mr. Dillon at all.

So he became generic brooding guy.

Here is the original:
Acrylic 16x20 Canvas
A couple of things to note here:
  1. I can't draw hands for shit.  I'm working on that.
  2. My grasp on shading left a lot to be desired.  Also these early works were pretty quick-and-dirty.  I've since learned to take my time and that I don't have to finish these things in a single day.
So we have a lot of purplish highlights here and a somewhat disporportioned glass in our generic brooder's hand.  It kind of looks like a Dixie cup.

A week or so ago I started off just touching up the sides of the canvas for display purposes and ended up feeling ambitious and fixed up some of the shading and highlighting of dude's face and jacket.

Here is the updated version:

I've retained some of the purplish tones, but smoothed out a lot of the brush-strokes.  I think the facial shading looks a lot more natural now, with less of a defined line down the middle of his face between the light side and the dark of his face.

I kind of like how this photo highlights some of the texture of the paint itself.  

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