Friday, December 26, 2014

Southwood Plantation Road

This is a quick and dirty piece I did as kind of a warm up exercise after I had spent far too much time away from the canvas.  It's a pretty quick piece but it came together nicely, in my opinion.

It's loosely based on my imagined vision of the property and house featured in the song "Southwood Plantation Road" from the album Tallahassee by the Mountain Goats which is, according to legend, a concept album centered around a couple who buy a dilapidated home in Florida and descend into alchoholism while the house falls apart around them.

It is wonderful, and everyone should  listen to it.  For realz.

Acrylic on 20x20 canvas

I will take a moment to mention that I have never, ever been to Florida and thus I have no idea what Florida actually looks like.  But whenever I hear this song, I picture a large, rambling farm house down a kilometer-long drive, looking out over fields of farmland.

Sue me.

I'd like to to eventually create an entire series based on this album.  John Darnielle's lyrics include a lot of vivid imagery that lends itself well to different visual media.

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