Sunday, January 11, 2015

#SketchySunday - My Zombie Apocalypse Team

You know those Facebook memes that go around sometimes, where you pick the 5,6,9 what-have-you friends and place them into different scenarios?  A few years back there was one where you had to pick the first five people who showed up on your friends list and they were the people who would be part of your Zombie apocalypse survival team.

This is mine:

Clockwise from top-left: Nic, Dan, Katia, Moi, Ange, Kaylee
Drawing glasses is fun, and means you get to avoid drawing eyes.

Drawing people smiling is hard.

I'm happiest with how Nic, Dan and Katia turned out.  Again, proportion perplexes me, since the height differentials between Nic and Ange are exaggerated, more than they would even be in real life.

Nic had to go and cut his hair the day before I actually drew this.

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