Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Hideout - Redux

This particular fix is one I was rather nervous about undertaking.  It's yet another literal interpretation of the first verse from Sarah Harmer's 'The Hideout' from the 2000 album You Were Here which is all kinds of wonderful and I just adore Sarah Harmer.
Look at that green
Out through the screen
After a quick rain came
So fast that
There wasn't time
To roll up the windows
And pull the clothes down off the line
Those lyrics were the inspiration for this piece.  I was torn on whether I wanted to try a redo on it, since truth be told, I really liked the original.  It was one of my early pieces that I have been really proud of.

But still, when I looked at it, I felt like I could just do better.

When I finished, I was really not sure I hadn't made a huge mistake.  The finished update seemed so much darker than the original.  It wasn't until just now, writing this post, that I thought "Yes, this is better."

Here is the original:

There are still a lot of aspects of the original I liked.  I loved the way the sheets on the line turned out, and at the time that was the best tree I had rendered to date.  When I set out to redo it, I wanted to concentrate on the sky and grass, make them look less.. brush-strokey, I guess?  I also wanted to make the colours look a little more natural.

First thing I did was block in the areas around the tree, deck and clothesline in solid colours, adding texture in layers afterwards.  This marked the first time I made any use of glaze in layer colours. I also made a lot of use of masking tape this time around on the railings.  I tried to work using a back-to-front progression, which meant I ended up having to paint over some things multiple times.

For the clouds in the sky, I found a really helpful video tutorial on painting clouds.

Finished product:

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