Sunday, July 26, 2015

Rugged Road - Use At Own Risk

The guy I share my home and heart with, he and I like to go exploring. We operate under a belief that deep down, most 'No Exit' signs are mere suggestions. We will take long afternoons driving around and testing the limits of my beloved PT Cruiser aka'd as "Petey".  Over the last four years, Petey has been subject to a fair amount of abuse.

It has always been fun to see hikers, as well as ATV drivers, Jeep drivers and others staring slack-jawed as I maneouver Peter down dirt paths barely wider than the car itself, over rocks and across streams.

One day, somewhere outside Collingwood, we took a turn down an interesting-looking dirt road and pulled over next to a sign that was all but obliterated from view by half-metre high grass, which read "Rugged Road, Use At Own Risk."

Acrylic on 20x16 canvas
We had quite the laugh over it, as it was most definitely one of those "Well, DUH," moments.

This is a recreation of a picture I snapped with cell phone, which turned out to be one of the best cell phone pictures I've ever taken.  I wish the painting had turned out as good, but while I have a few regrets (such as covering up too much of the sign with grass) there are a lot of aspects I do like, such as being able to capture some depth of field (ahaha, see what I did there? Depth of field.  Because it's a field).

I got some help with the lettering on the sign from my friend Nic, who created me a lovely stencil, even incorporating the angle of the sign into the lettering to give some perspective.  Check out his music, because it's great, or if you're into gaming, checking out his game site.

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