Monday, October 26, 2015

Tallahassee: First Few Desperate Hours (also, some updates).

When I listen to "First Few Desperate Hours" the second track on the Mountain Goats' Tallahassee, the impression I get is that it's moving day for the album's Alpha Couple, and things are going all kinds of wrong.

I relate to this album in that I live in a place that has become a bit of a money pit.  The day I got the keys, I looked around my newfound abode and collapsed onto the basement stairs and proceeded to bawl my eyes out in absolute "What-the-actual-fuck-have-gotten-myself-into?" terror.

To me, the 'Few Few Desperate Hours' of the title relates to the little things that can go wrong, and the abject fear of making a major, life-changing investment. The feeling of seeing little things you'd not noticed in the excitement of finding a place to call home, until the day it becomes real and it's all yours, warts and all.

For this piece, I wanted that kind of feeling, of sitting there, with all your shit in a pile on the porch, maybe some things got broken, others got lost.

Acrylic 12x20
In my original sketches for this piece, I had intended to have "Hopes" and "Dreams" inscribed on the boxes in marker, like someone would label "Books" or "Bedroom Stuff" but when I tried it on the painted version, it looked silly.

For technical stuff, I don't really have much to say here, except that I love painting wood.  Also, getting the shadow from the one porch beam to line up properly was a challenge.  Glazing is great for shadows, I find.

My favourite part here is actually one of the tiniest details: the little wee broken nail in the centre board of the porch.  That's my favourite.

I still aim to make this a full collection. You can see the other pieces here and here.


In other news, Colectomy Scar is up at the Quest Art Gallery for another three-ish weeks, then comes down on November 16.

Here's me looking a little demented at opening night:

Got my crazy-eyes on, apparently.
Also, I have the honour of being a contributor in the next edition of Dirty Chai which, according to their website, was slated to go out today. My recent piece "Fatty Wants to Dance" is being featured. However, their editor, who is super-cool, is also a super-busy mom and I don't actually know how much of the heavy lifting she does on her own.  I'll post a link once the new issue goes live.  

'Tis all for now.  I've got my work space back so hopefully I'll be a little more productive over the next while, between Halloween, vacations, and other day-to-day stuff.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Self-Portrait in Red and Purple

Hey y'all.

Haven't been painting much because we've been... well.. painting. The house, that is.  After three years we've finally gotten rid of the 'Rental Property Beige' and have adorned the main floor with rooms of oranges, yellows, and greens.  It's all very warm and inviting and makes the place feel like less of a run-down mess.

If it can't be structurally sound, at least it can be pretty.

So that has been taking up a lot of time, energy, and space.  My art space is currently occupied, but I managed to bang this out last week, mostly for the sake of practice, and working with light and dark tones.

Acrylic on 8x8 hard board
I started off entirely in red, and added the purple to darken a few areas.  I'm happy with the nose and mouth here.  Noses and mouths are problem areas for me.. so many noses end up either looking like Voldemort (all nostril, no definition) or like a big hook or triangle.  The teeth here actually look pretty close to mine.. I have an overbite, but when in a resting state the teeth don't actually protrude past my bottom lip.  Usually attempts at teeth end up looking like the subject is snarling or grimacing, and that doesn't seem to be happening here.

Not entirely happy with the eyes, as they are rather huge, but I do like that I was able to make the glasses look like they are sitting naturally.  I tend to fit glasses within the limits of the face exactly, where in real life, frames usually stick out a bit, unless you're looking at someone dead on.

Hoping to have more works to share soon.  I have a couple on the go; another "Fatty" piece, and an addition to what I hope will become a complete Tallahassee collection.

I've also purchased some inexpensive watercolour paper in hopes of playing around with that as well.