Friday, November 27, 2015

Bruce County Farm House

My friend Krystle lives in an amazing old 19th century farmhouse. I am completely enamoured of it. The last time I was out there I took some pictures because I was bound and determined I was going to paint this place.

The day I took the pictures was gorgeous spring day.

Acrylic 12x12 gallery canvas

I don't have a lot to say about this painting, except that I am so, so very happy with the final result, especially since I stepped away from it for a few months and for a while it looked like I wasn't going to finished.  I had screwed up on perspective, and couldn't seem to get the color of the bricks and the grass looked like astroturf and et cetera, et cetera.

So I put it aside for a while as I finished other project, and this week came back to it with a vengeance. I think I've spent about 6-7 hours total on this piece and every minute of it was worth it.

Fun technical tidbit:

I don't have a scanner, so I have to use a camera to take these pictures.  I don't have a good set-up so I have to try really hard to face the image dead-on.  This doesn't always work and I end up cropping out bits of the corner that didn't fit right into a square or rectangle.  I've found a tool in Digikam that will let me slightly alter the perspective without too much distortion in the image, so I can make it a perfect, all-90-degree angle square or rectangle before cropping.

Fun other stuff:

I've started my page at DeviantArt back up again so if you're interested in buying prints or just adding me to your watch list, please feel free. 

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  1. very nice Andrea, i recognized that place before i read anything about it, good work


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