Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fatty Floats

I came to the realization this summer that I am ridiculously buoyant. It could be a result of the extra 65ish lbs that I carry around, but suffice it to say, when we went on a cruise a couple of weeks ago, I knew that if the boat sank, I was in no danger of drowning.  I might have died of exposure or got eaten by sharks, but I definitely wasn't going to drown, because in total honesty, I can probably float for days, with little to no effort.

During the summer my family and I would go swimming at a nearby beach.  Most days the water there is clear enough that you can see 10+ feet down, and while some days can bring huge waves, this day the water was almost as still as glass.

I laid back and closed my eyes and for several minutes, just floated. It had been about 10-15 minutes when I heard splashing nearby.  Figuring it was the boyfriend, I chuckled "I hear you....!".  Between gasps and the occasional sputter came the response, "Really? Do you? Because you sure didn't hear me when I was yelling your name to come back to shore!"

Opening my eyes, I realized I was about a quarter of a kilometre down the beach and a couple hundred feet out further than I had started.  Despite the stillness of the water, there was still enough of a current that I had figured that I would be pushed towards shore.

I was wrong.

The gentleman friend had called my name numerous times and finally swam out to let me know I was floating toward the opposite shore.

Acrylic on 8x10 wood panel


This is a self-portrait of sorts, but mostly I wanted to capture the calmness of floating on still water.  I used a lot of glazing in order to give the impression of being just slightly submerged in water.  My least favourite parts were the arms, which I feel a just a bit too long.  I'm happy with the bathing suit, I was trying to give a shiny, reflective, wet look.  I also like the shading on the thighs and the one leg that is completely submerged.

I did a bit too much hair. I found this the hardest part, making the hair stream out just the right way.

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