Saturday, November 21, 2015

Streetlight in Winter - or - Hasn't Hit Me Yet

As you may have already guessed, I get a lot of inspiration from songs and books.  In a lot of cases, I just name the piece after the song that inspired the piece.

At other times, the song title and the subject matter are so far removed from each other that they become a non sequitor.  So, that being said, this piece, which was inspired by a couple of lines from Blue Rodeo's mid-90's classic "Hasn't Hit Me Yet" (seriously, go listen. This damn song gets me every time),is mostly untitled, since I felt like without the actual context of the lyrics, the title made no sense with regard to the subject matter.

So for now, I'll just call it as it is. 

Acrylic on 3x12 canvas
I did toy with the idea of calling it "Harbinger of Things to Come" since it is November here and we're just starting to get our first bit of snow (ugh).

I used mostly fluid acrylics in whites, blacks, and grey's over a yellow underpainting, as I was trying to catch the idea of that orangey-yellow that you get from sodium lights.  There was a bit of a struggle with the yellow reflection on the snow, as at first it just looked like the place had been visited by a large dog with a severe urination problem.

I used a paint-spattering method for the snowflakes, and broke then handle on one of my brushes in the process.  I also went over some of the finer details with a heavier-bodied acrylic.  Overall, I'm not unhappy with the final piece, although I was hoping to achieve a more directly over-head perspective, which didn't happen.  I do like the character in the centre of the image, the highlights in his hair and the shadow stretched out before him.

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