Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Police and The Private - Redux

The other night I found myself with the urge to paint, but not really wanting to get into anything too involved. I have one current work in progress that I could have worked on, but frankly, right now it's intimidating the hell out of me, so I decided to revisit a piece that I had done years ago, but never really liked.

It's a piece that was inspired by Metric's "The Police and The Private" which, in my interpretation, is the story of a woman caught up in some sort of prostitution and/or smuggling ring, in an attempt to provide for her estranged child.

That's just my interpretation.

I always envisioned the train that the protagonist waits for as a subway train, rather than the more traditional type train.  I wanted to make a station that's kind of dirty and gritty.  I left the station name cut off so it was somewhat ambigious in its locale; that is, it could be Queens, NY, or it could be Queen's Park in Toronto.

(Does Queens, NY have a subway station?)

The canvas this was done on is probably the cheapest of the cheap dollar-store canvases, and I may have gone the lazy route and not actually primed the canvas before I began painting it.  I also may or may not have still been using student grade (and possibly even Crafter's) acrylics, so the coverage was not at all smooth, and left everything looking pretty shabby.

My main goal when I decided to give this piece another shot was to make the colors and detail sharper, and the woman in the foreground more person-looking and less amorphous-blob looking.

I did not, however, intend for her legs to look like she's trying real hard not to pee herself.  Which I'm not happy with. I am, however, happy that our protagonist now has a face.  So, that's something. I added some extra shading, and a back to the bench in the foreground.

I also moved the lettering on the back wall up further.  In a happy accident, I didn't quite cover the old lettering, which actually gives the impression that the paint on the actual wall may have been re-painted at some point.

Overall, I'm still not super-impressed with this piece, but I do think it's a massive improvement over my original.

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