Saturday, January 23, 2016

Awenda Park Christmas Eve 2015

We had a rather ridiculously warm December this year, not seeing any mentionable amounts of snow until almost New Year's Eve.

On Christmas Eve the boyfriend and I took a drive through nearby Awenda Provincial Park and stopped for a bit at a spot where, through the trees, you can see out over Georgian Bay.

(You can also climb down the cliff to the beach, but nah).

Acrylic on 10x8 masonite board
The more I work with them, the more I am coming to prefer the Liquitex Soft Body acrylics to other heavier bodied acrylics.

I goofed and ended up wasting a lot of paint, as I initially mixed a batch of Ultramarine Blue (Red Shade) with some titanium white for the sky and water, but as I was mixing I came to realize that this blue would be too greyish, and that I needed more of a greenish undertone to catch how blue the sky was that day, and switched to Phthalo blue (green).  I'll have to remember that the green-shades are for skies, and the red-shades are for mixing greys and purples.

This is another one where I hand-lettered the sign, because I am impatient. A stencil would have probably come in handy.  Oh well.

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