Monday, February 29, 2016

Dancer Romancer

So, I've had a number of pieces inspired by an eclectic ensemble out of Peterborough by the name of The Burning Hell.

The first song I heard by them, and the first song of theirs I learned to play by them was a tune called "Dancer-Romancer" which basically states that we're all here by chance, whether ant or tree or human being, and we're all going to die, eventually.

This picture here is a literally interpretation of the third verse:
When the little baby plays in his little baby box of sand
Will he crush the little ant with his little hand
Will a lightning storm bring tall tree crashing down
on the little sand box and if it does will there 
be a little sound if there's no one around
Acrylic on 12x20 gallery canvas
I wanted to get all the subjects in this verse incorporated into one scene, so there's a lot going on here.

I decided to make the baby more of a toddler, and also a girl, because why not?

In my head this was going to have a very extreme forced perspective, more of an ants-eye-view, but I'm not that skilled yet.  That being said, I do like the way this turned out.  I got to make use of some of my mediums to give the sandbox that gritty texture.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Some Canadian Content for #SketchySunday

I'm from Canada. I take an odd amount of pride in our popular culture.

People say that Canada has no good television, and it's such a lie. It's just a matter of knowing where to find it, and watching it so it doesn't get cancelled after one bloody season (R.I.P, Strange Empire).

One show that I'm currently fixated on is X Company, which is loosely based on actual events. It's about a group of spies trained out of a spy camp in Central Ontario during WW2.

This is a scene from last week's episode where Aurora Luft befriends the wife of a German official, in an attempt to gain counter intelligence. It took me a pretty long time. I'm sort of happy with it, but I do realize that both women have facial features that are too big for their head.

The other sketch I worked on this week is a picture of Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo, a very well known Alt-Country group based out of Ontario (I think!).

The reference picture had a lot of backlight so in my attempt to catch that, I just ended up drawing a lot of lines too lightly. But I like it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tay Township Roadside

I like to go on drives.

I enjoy getting lost, exploring twisty, turn-y roads and trying to gauge whether that "No Exit" sign is just a suggestion (Plot twist, sometimes it is).

Occasionally I'll snap some photos.

This was one of them, taken near the hole-in-the-wall on Highway 12 just outside of Victoria Harbour on a early spring evening.

Acrylic on 8x10 masonite board
For a piece that I'm still deciding on whether or not I like it, a surprising number of other people seem to enjoy this piece.  It now holds a record 26 likes on my Instagram page, so that's something, I suppose.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

#Sketchy Sunday: Random Portraiture

I've been sick, so instead of painting this week, I've been working on doing some sketching and pencil drawings to improve my portraiture. It's much easier to sketch from the comfort of my couch.

These are a few things I've been working on over the last week.

This is just a dude I drew. I need work on doing masculine features (also, eye-spacing). He puts me in mind of Homer Simpson.

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A Jessica Williams that doesn't really look much like Jessica Williams, but I still thought it was nice picture.

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When I was looking up reference pictures of Jessica Williams, Google suggested Jessica Walter. So I ran with it. This is the one I am most proud of at this time.

  And this is the one I am most sentimentally attached to (but am also very proud of): Mr. Stompin' Tom Connors.

And lastly, because yesterday would have been his 49th birthday, I did an okay-but-not-awesome Kurt Cobain:

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

50th Post! Girls on the Water in Purple and Green

I enjoy playing around with photo-editing software on my phone. I took a picture from our recent trip to the tropics and fussed around with it until I got this cool posterized look, then changed the colors so that it broke down into basic greens, blacks and purples.

Then I painted it.

Acrylic on 8x10 Masonite board
Faces are hard. Faces in profile=extra hard. I also had to do a lot of painting and re-painting to get the light source right.