Thursday, March 31, 2016

.@hawksleyworkman Triptych - Redux

I took a stab at fixing up a triptych of images that I had painted back in roughly 2010, and I am not disappointed.

I think at the time I was going through a period where I was not particularly patient enough to go through the trouble of actually priming the canvases I was working on, which tends to show through, as the cheap paint I was using at the time gets sucked right into the canvas, leaving a lot of splotches.

A few years later, I know better. I've also improved at shading, body proportion, and facial features.

This is a trio of small paintings based on the musical works of Hawksley Workman, a delightfully eclectic and ridiculously talented musician out of Huntsville, Ontario.

The pictures on the left are the updated paintings and the ones on the right are the originals.

Paper Shoes - 6x6 acrylic on canvas

Smoke, Baby - 6x6 acrylic on Canvas

Oh, You Delicate Heart - 6x6 acrylic on Canvas
One of the main things I did was try to match up the purple background to give a little more unifying consistency. I added detail to the visible facial features (2 and 3) and more proportion to the bodies in 1 and 3.

I also added a bit of a gradient to picture number 3 because I wanted to give the impression of being in a crouched position, so the gradient suggests a bit of a ground level.

Bits I'm not so thrilled about?

1) Not much to complain about, here. I'm honestly pretty pleased.
2) I'm rather ambivalent about how she looks.  I love the details of her face (I'm very proud of that nose!) but the age looks off.  Also weird micro-hand.  I also overworked the smoke.. I used a dry-brush effect to get it all wispy, but I should have left well alone after the second sweep.
3) The feet could have used work, and as is usually the case, her right hand looks like a meaty man-claw

Things I like: 

1) The skirt, the hands, and the fact that her arms are just a bit pudgy.
2) That nose! I love that nose!  It's one of the best noses I've ever done! I also enjoy the shading under the chin.
3) I really like the way her shirt looks more drapey than it did before.  Also, while I expressed frustration with the right hand, I really like how the left hand turned out.

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