Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Self-Portrait with Guitar

I'm not exactly sure what was a more disappointing and frustrating experience; painting this piece, or trying to take a picture of it that didn't show ALL of the GLARE and ALL OF THE CAT HAIR that is consistently on EVERYTHING.

One day, if I ever become a renowned artist, historians will be able to authenticate my works by running a DNA analysis on ALL THE DAMN CAT HAIR embedded into each piece, because it never, ever fails.

So I'm not going to lie: this photo has been doctored a fair bit to reduce some of the glare and emphasize the dark background. I used to have a decent scanner, which may have mitigated the issue, but I don't anymore.

Acrylic on 10x8 Masonite
Back when I used to go to open mike nights, a habit I definitely need to get back into, a local photographer (whose name escapes me, but as soon as I remember it, I'll give some credit) took pictures of the performers. I bought a print for myself.  It used a lot of negative space which I thought looked really cool.

Unfortunately it was a regular pain-in-butt to paint.  You know how I hate hands?  Hands shrouded in darkness is even harder. I finally got my right hand looking the way I wanted, but I never quite got the left hand working quite right (ha!).

I do, however, like the way that the guitar worked out.  Trying to get the lighting on my face was troublesome: it took a while before I stopped looking like a bearded man.  I kind of look like a Muppet, but I can live with that.

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