Thursday, April 7, 2016

Grundy Lake Sunset

I was pleasantly surprised how quickly this came together.

Grundy Lake is a provincial park that my family and I camped at for a number of years.  We usually managed to luck out and get a site with very close access to the water, and some very nice sunsets.

Acrylic on 12x9 wood panel. SOLD.
Like my previous piece, I took advantage of the ability to move colour around and instead of being frustrated by my inability to create solid colours, I tried to use the transparency of the paint mixed with the gel medium to my advantage.

I like a lot about this picture. I feel like I caught the brightness of the sun. I find getting whites and yellows to have that ultra-bright glare can be difficult in paint. They seem to come out dull, or the glare looks less like glare and more like.. well, paint.

If I had to pick one thing that bugs me, it's that the reflection of the sun is not quite lined up with the sun itself.

Oh well. Otherwise, I am pleased.

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