Saturday, April 30, 2016

Home of Beautiful Sunsets - My First Commission!

In my time, I have not sold a lot of paintings, but I've sold a few. Recently, after a near bidding war over my Grundy Lake Sunset (and by bidding war I mean a conversation that went "I'd like to buy that one too." "Oh, I've already promised it to someone else" "Darn.") I got a request from Sharon—a family friend who has already previously purchased two of my originals (here and here)—to paint a picture of the sunset from off her back deck.

Acrylic on 12x10 canvas
For years, before it was amalgamated into Tay Township, a sign at the main entrance to Victoria Harbour, ON boasted of being 'The Home of Beautiful Sunsets'.  It was not in any way false advertising.

I had two challenges in this piece; first, the photos I was working from were cell phone images of not terribly high quality, so to be honest, a lot of the background detail is out of my imagination.  Second, I have an odd love-hate with painting sun-glare.  This time I managed to get the look I wanted by alternating glazes of cadmium yellow hue and titanium white.

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