Monday, May 30, 2016

Abdundance (Not Safe For Work - Nudity)

I am a fat woman.

I say this not as self-derision but a statement of fact regarding the physical space I take up in this world.  It's more than the average woman.

I'm fat, yo.

As such, I've struggled with self-image over the years.

Two things have helped me come to grips with my self-image: the fat positivity movement, and art.

I like painting and drawing fat bodies. I like being able to see a drawing or painting I've made of a fat body moving, or dancing, or merely existing without shame, and feeling like I've created something beautiful.

In turn, I feel a bit better about the body I inhabit. That it has beauty as well. (There's a guy I share my heart and home with.. he tells me it does.  A lot. But I don't always believe him).

This is not a self-portrait, merely a celebration of body type that I share.

I call her 'Abundance'.

Acrylic on 10x12 wood panel
I pulled a bit of inspiration from religious imagery, with the aura around her head, but I also feel like the green/blue background evokes nature, land and water.  She's kind of an Earth Mother figure.

Reagan said she looks like Ariel. I think she's got some Melisandre in her as well (Gord knows, she likes being naked).

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