Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Barrens, Muskoka Road 13

Between Highway 400 and Highway 11 in Ontario, there is a corridor of lakes, wilderness, and cottage country.

One of the roads that runs (partway) across this corridor is Muskoka Road 13, also known as Southwood Road (which never fails to get The Mountain Goats' "Southwood Plantation Road" stuck in my head.

Along this road there is a place known as the Barrens. It's a small, open lake, surrounded by Canadian Shield and low-lying shrubs. It's kilometers away from any civilization and I'm told at night it's one of the best places to look at the stars, due to its lack of light pollution.

It's one of my favourite places.

Acrylic on 20x16 Canvas
Of course, it's still rather popular and people sometimes leave garbage behind, which sucks, but made for an interesting detail in this particular landscape piece.

This piece took me about four 1-2 hour sessions to complete, and just seemed fall together beautifully.  As I've mentioned before, I love working with soft body acrylics, as the colours are rather vivid and the textures seem a lot smoother. 

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