Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Daigle House

The original working title for this was originally just "Abandoned Farmhouse on the Trans-Canada Highway" but having done a bit of research I found that the place was known locally as "The Daigle House". 

This house stood not too far from Highway 17, outside of the town of Iron Bridge, ON, which if I recall is about an hour or two from Sault St. Marie.  My kids and I stumbled upon it while heading home from an epic road trip to Fort Frances.

What you don't see in this picture is the graffiti that covered the structure, and the small swarm of monarch butterflies that had converged near the front steps the day this picture was taken.

11x14 acrylic on wood panel
There's a lot I like about this piece, but my favourite detail is probably the most subtle. I'm absolutely in love with the little bit of sky that is visible in the top left-hand corner.  The sky that day was somewhat overcast, and I feel like I caught the little smidgens of blue that were peeking out perfectly.

I'm pretty pleased with the tree as well.

As usual, my perspective needs some work, but I feel like I'm getting better.

Sadly, what was left of the Daigle House burned down in early 2014.

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