Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gus, The Polar Bear From Central Park

I'm going a little out of sequence, as I have a couple other pieces I finished before this one.

However, this one is kind of special as it parks one of the few times that I've had an idea in my head that came out pretty much how I envisioned it.

Acrylic on 5x7 wood
For the last week, I've had the Tragically Hip's "Gus, the Polar Bear from Central Park" in my head, which is a song about a depressed polar bear in the Central Park Zoo.

I'll be totally honest. I've never been to the Central Park Zoo, or even New York for that matter, and my vision of Gus in his pen is pretty much informed by snippets that I remember of the movie Madagascar.  Hence, the brick walls and wrought iron fencing.

I've not painted a lot of animals so I made use of some reference photos just to make sure my bear looked like, well, a bear.

But overall, the image I got was the one I saw in my head all last week as I was humming this song to myself.  So I am happy.

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