Sunday, August 28, 2016

Everything Happens in Florida

This piece certainly took a detour from the idea I had originally conceived.

In the beginning, the idea was that this would be another addition to my Tallahassee collection, inspired by the Mountain Goats album of the same name.  I had become fixated on a line from Southwood Plantation Road:

"Where at night, the stars flow like milk across the sky"

I wanted to show a towering, dilapidated house angled against a star-filled sky.  Alas, my abilities with perspective still need work, as does my spattering techniques.

I ended up sitting on this for a while, since while I liked the house, the surrounding canvas was pretty boring and the tree in the background looked pretty stupid.

A few months later, I'm working on another piece that required working in small steps, and I'm feeling kind of silly, so I decided that what this piece needed was a giant, purple alien-squid thing, descending upon the house.

I think it works.

I called it "Everything Happens in Florida" as a ode to the original concept, and because, well.. Florida is a weird place.

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