Sunday, January 29, 2017

Oh Very Young - or - Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Holy heck, I am really excited to finally share this piece.

Today is my parents' 40th wedding anniversary.

I decided to honour the occasion, I wanted to paint my one of my favorite photographs of them, taken on a camping trip in the mid-1970s while they were still dating.

I've been sitting on this for a while because I didn't want them to see it before I gave it to them.  My mom is probably my biggest superfan, so I knew if I shared it anywhere online, it would probably make its way to her.

Oh my Gord, you guys. I'm so excited.


14x11 acrylic on Canvas
There were a number of challenges with this piece, namely translating a low-res black and white print into a colour image.  I took some artistic liberties with the clothes, as I'm pretty sure they're both in head-to-toe denim in the original photo, being the 70s and all.  But there was already a lot of blue in the image, so I took a little creative license with the wardrobe.

The facial expressions were tough. For a while my dad looked a little like an Egyptian heiroglyph of Super Mario because I kept making his moustache way too bushy.

Also, again, hands.

On the positive side, I'm really happy with how Dad's face eventually turned out, and while I couldn't quite get Mom's look of concentration, ending up with more of a serene look, I'm pretty happy with the rest of her, overall.

I really like Dad's jacket.

The Canada goose in the background may have actually been a broken stump, but once again, artistic licence won out and I think it was a nice touch.

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