Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Tragically Hip Mountain Goat

I got a silly idea in my head the other night. I was thinking about my two favourite bands, the Tragically Hip and the Mountain Goats (both amazing bands with large bodies of work and incredible lyrics), and I was kind of combining the two names in my head, and this amalgam resulted in this image of some kind of hipster goat. A Tragically Hip Mountain Goat, if you will.

The original idea was going to be a goat with a beard and hipster glasses, but I didn't know that it would get the idea across, so instead of glasses I decided the goat should be wearing a hat similar to the ones that Gord Downie (the Tragically Hip's front man) wore during the Hip's final tour this past summer.  To people who watched the final concerts, it would be fairly recognizable.

This is possibly my favourite piece I've ever painted.

Acrylic on 8x8 canvas
I had a huge smile on my face the whole time I worked on this.  If I had to complaint about anything, it's that I ran off the edge of the canvas. A taller canvas may have been in order to fit the whole face in the frame.

But overall, this piece makes me happy.  It's whimsical as hell.

(I used a picture I found on Flickr for a reference.  The photographer can be found here.)

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