"Actually, it's a collection of things..." is a line from "I'll believe in you (or I'll be leaving you)" by The Tragically Hip from their album Up To Here.

It's a fantastic play on words, in my opinion.

I started painting sometime in the mid-2000's on the advise of a terrible psychic who gave me a reading that alternated between deeply unsettling and wildly inaccurate.  Nestled within this was the suggestion that I would be well-considered to take up painting as a hobby.

Since why wouldn't I take the advice of a terrible psychic, I purchased some brushes and paints and figured "Hell, Why Not?"

My intent with this blog is to keep a record of my progression as an artist.  I will feature new, old and revised works, with commentary.

This blog is intended to be a public display of my artwork.  If you would like to share anything you have seen on this site, please feel free to contact me at raw dot sugar 80 at gmail dot com.

Interested in prints? Please visit my DeviantArt page

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